Sunday, 1 September 2013

Israel: Chen Ahroni tries his luck on The X Factor!

Like millions, I was watching The Xtra Factor (The X Factor's sister show on ITV2) last night were a guy appeared and said he was a star in Israel. He introduced himself as Chen Ahroni and I though that this was the guy who came 4th in KDAM, back in 2011 with Or.

Then I checked it on YouTube to see if it was him and it was. I couldn't believe it. He managed to get through to the next round however did face criticism from Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow. Louis said the performance just wasn't amazing then Gary told the Israeli star "there are 10 to 15 singers who sing just like you sing and they’re in the charts right now". Not massive criticism but it doesn't look great.... He needs to stand out.

Check him out auditioning...

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