Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Copenhagen 2014: DR announce stage plans!

The Danish broadcaster has announced what they're planning for next years contest! One idea they have is an "island stage" which will be located in the centre of the arena. But is this going to work? Time will tell!

Claus Zier will design the stage, and has big plans for Eurovision 2014 - he wants to create something which has never been done (or seen) before. He's designed DMGP stages before as well as X Factor stages in Denmark. This is what he said:
"The stage has to be strong enough visually that no one is in any doubt that it is the same show, even though each country has a different expression. We have a fantastic anoubnt of height that we want to take advantage of, and we want to make magic in this space. We're going to do this!
They want to keep some rustic charms the arena has too - which will be wonderful. Next years contest will be among the be very best. That's DR's plan anyway. ^^

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