Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Switzerland: Recap on what's been submitted - PART 3!

Let's look into some of the entries which have been sent into La Suisse!
  • Daria Kinzer wants to return to Eurovision - yep, the 2011 Croatian representative aims to fly the Swiss flag with Somebody Like You. It's a typical ESC song but it's not cheesy, well I don't think it's cheesy, I really like it. A strong mid-tempo ballad which should make the final with any luck. Bravo Daria!
  • A lovely lady called Rebecca enters Let's try again. Great song! It's written by Rafael De Alba (the guy who wrote The Point Of No Return by Melissa, who came 4th in Switzerland last year).  
  • In 2010, Diva Fever were contestants on The X Factor UK, however they were knocked out early and nothing was heard from them after that... until now! The duo have entered Dancefloor Lover
  • Max And The Ducks feat. Anna-Kaisa are trying their luck once again with Misery. The song has charm, but it won't get anywhere. 
  • Annet Artani, the 2006 Cypriot representative, enters You Got What I Need. Nice track although we've heard it 100 times before. Will this get anywhere? Maybe...
Part 4 will continue sometime this week...

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