Sunday, 13 October 2013

NuVidz: Valentina Monetta, Samira Said, Kaisa Vala, Alyona Lanskaya!

It's all about the ladies this week! While we wait for her 2014 song, Valentina Monetta releases a jazzy tune entitled  L'amore verrà. I love it, everyone loves it, so with any luck Valentina will be singing a jazz song in Copenhagen. Meanwhile the only Moroccan entrant to grace the Eurovision stage releases the much anticipated Mazal! Samira Said never fails to amaze me. I love her! Caught in Translation is the new track from Kaisa Vala. It's actually quite fabulous! ...and last but not least we have Alyona Lanskaya! She presents You're The Lucky One and it's a pretty decent song. She also released a Russian version entitled Сказка о любви. I much prefer the Russian version and I wish we heard Russian more in Eurovision. One of my favourite languages!!!

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