Saturday, 19 October 2013

Switzerland: Lys Assia won't enter the Swiss selection!

Lys Assia has announced through her Facebook page that she won't be entering the Swiss selection for 2014. This is because she hasn't found the right song for it. Fair enough I guess but I would've loved to have seen Lys on the Eurovision stage once again!

She tried to represent Switzerland in 2012 with C'était ma vie - a sweet nostalgic ballad. Then things went a little crazy the following year! She teamed up with a rap group and Siegel once again and they came up with All in your head. It didn't even make the live final and thankfully so. It was terrible - I'm sorry Lys :'(

So, what's been sent into the Swiss selection so far? Many bad and boring songs although I do like this one from Ilary. I bet we will start being some great songs soon though as the deadline is fast approaching.

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