Thursday, 5 December 2013

Belarus: Alexey Gross disqualified!

Alexey Gross was chosen to compete in the Belorussian national final - however it's now come to light that the song he was planning to compete with, is not actually his but a complete copy of another song. Oh the drama!

The song he was going to participate with, If I Could Do It All Again, was actually sung by the lovely Raquela in the 2011 Maltese national final. Alexey commented that he didn't know this song had competed in the Maltese national selection, and that the news came as a major surprise to him. He promises to be back in 2015 - and that he'll be there to win. But for now, only 14 acts will compete in the Belorussian national final (which is set for 10th January).

You can listen to his version below here and Raquela's version here!

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