Friday, 6 December 2013

NuVidz: Robin Stjernberg, Ruth Lorenzo, Leona Lewis, Maya Sar!

Robin Stjernberg's latest track is Pieces. It's a pretty nice song - and Robin does have a fantastic voice. Much better than his Eurovision attempt, in my opinion... Many rumours are suggesting that Ruth Lorenzo will represent Spain in Copenhagen - and her new song is entitled  Love is Dead. Wow! Just wow. Ruth is an absolutely outstanding vocalist and would be a perfect Spanish representative. Leona Lewis goes all festive with her new song. A lovely homemade video and she's preforming on The X Factor UK this week. Yipee! Take a look at  One More Sleep. Finally, Maya Sar teamed up with Marijan Brkic Brk released  O meni nikom ne pričaj. I've only just discovered this awesome song! Maya should actually represent Bosnia again soon, in my humble opinion!

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