Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Latvia: 24 songs released... LISTEN HERE!

Yesterday the Latvian broadcaster released the 24 songs that will compete in the semi finals. I've managed to listen to them all an my favourites are easily Stay, Here I am again and Pressure.

Y'all can listen to the songs here. The artists will be announced at a later date, although one video has already made YouTube, which we know is sung by Niko. And it's brilliant as well! Some really nice songs here actually. But then, the Latvian NF was great last year too - they just choose the worst song on offer. I might review my favourite songs when I've listened to them more. Here are the song titles (with song writers in brackets):
  • Is it possible 
  • Pēdējā vēstule 
  • Just stop
  • Pressure 
  • I'm happy 
  • Stay
  • Here I am again
  • Bučas 
  • You are the reason 
  • Going all the way 
  • Lights on
  • This moment and tomorrow
  • If I could (Let away)
  • I can breathe
  • I've got
  • Revelation 
  • I need more
  • Cake to bake
  • Breather slow
  • Pa vidu tu  
  • I need a soul-twin
  • What if I was
  • Dejo Tā 
  • Take away
Latvia's selection kicks of on 1st February! At the moment, it's Stay for the epic win from me!! <3

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