Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Latvia: Participants and running order revealed!

The competing acts in Dziesma 2014, has today been revealed by the Latvian broadcaster  - some familiar names in the mix! So we now have names to match the songs, y'all!

Samanta Tina and Niko have returned to the selection. The lead singer of PeR also returns, Ralfs Eilands, will he be representing in Latvia for the second year running? Other names I recognise are Sabine Berezina and Mad Show Boys... although for me, it's Samanta's time! Her song is brilliant. I have been listening to it since it's release. I might cry with happiness if she wins! Anyway, here is the running order for the semi finals:

Semi Final 1 – February 1st:
  1. Dejo Tā - DJ Dween & Sabīne Berezina
  2. Bučas – Crazy Dolls
  3. I’m Happy - Tamara Rutkovska
  4. Here I Am Again – Niko
  5. I’ve Got - Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis
  6. Cake To Bake - Aarzemnieki
  7. Just Stop - Oskars Deigelis
  8. Stay – Samanta Tina
  9. Going All The Way - MyRadiantU
  10. I Can Breathe - Aminata Savadogo
  11. I Need More - Dāvis Matskins
  12. Saule Riet (Take Away) - Olga & Līgo
Semi Final 2 – February 2nd:
  1. Revelation - Ralfs Eilands, Valters Pūce & Nelli Bubujanca
  2. You Are The Reason - Katrine Lukins
  3. I Need A Soul-Twin – Mad Show Boys
  4. Lights On – Markus Riva
  5. Breathe Slow - Anete Volmane
  6. What If It Was - Rolands Ūdris
  7. Moment and Tomorrow -  Katrīna Bindere
  8. Pa Vidu Tu - Andris Kivičs
  9. Pēdējā Vēstule – Dons
  10. Is It Possible - Sabīne Vidriķe
  11. Pressure - Sabīne Berezina

The theme of Dziesma 2014 is "Made In Latvia" - I personally think that was the reason Samanta Tina didn't win last year, because her song was written and composed by an international team...

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