Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Slovenia: Extended deadline given - decision by 17th January!

The Slovenian broadcaster has announced that they will make a decision, regarding their participation, within the next 10 days. Thus they have until 17th January to either officially confirm their presence in Copenhagen or withdraw.

Meanwhile, the official participants list will be released sometime this week and Slovenia have only been granted an expected deadline due to exceptional circumstances. This blogger is hoping for a miracle where Bulgaria/Serbia/Croatia will actually send an entry to Denmark... Unfortunately Cyprus have confirmed 100% that they won't be in Copenhagen. Rumours are surfacing saying Russia may withdraw, as their broadcaster will be concentrating on the Winter Olympics. Hopefully they are just false rumours.

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  1. kuponko.si nudi uporabnikom ponudbe slovenskih restavracij, trgovin, lepotilnih in športnih centrov; razvedrilne, zabavne in ostale vsebine z od 50 do 90-odstotnim popustom


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