Saturday, 8 February 2014

Malta: Firelight selected for Copenhagen!

Okay, they weren't among my favourites but it's a great choice from Malta nevertheless. Firelight have won the Maltese national final with Coming Home. Daniel Testa was tonight's runner up and De Bee came third!

My favourite, Jessika, won the public televote although she couldn't stop Firelight from winning as the jury opted for Firelight instead. I'm pleasantly surprised with Malta this year :-) And here are the results:

  1. Firelight - Coming Home 
  2. De Bee - Pin The Middle 
  3. Daniel Testa - One Last Ride 
  4. Amber - Because I Have You 
  5. Deborah C - Until We Meet Again 
  6. Pamela - Take Me 
  7. Franklin - Love Will Take Me Home 
  8. Jessika - Hypnotica 
  9. Christabelle - Love Tricity 
  10. Ryan Paul Abela - City Lady 
  11. Sophie - Let The Sunshine In 
  12. Wayne William - Some Kind of Wonderful 
  13. Davinia - Brand New Day 
  14. Chris Grech - Oblivion 

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