Saturday, 8 February 2014

Review: French National Final 2014!

Three songs are in the running to represent France in Copenhagen - and I've decided to review them! The result will be announced on Sunday 2nd March.
  • Destan - Sans toi
This is probably my least favourite to be honest. It's not a bad song - just terribly outdated and boring... plus I don't really like the switch between French and English. The live performance in the national final was pretty terrible too. I'd be surprised if this was to win but if they did win, I'd predict France would be at the bottom of the leaderboard. 3/12
  • Joanna - Ma liberté
Joanna's song is a big contender to represent France. "Ma liberté" is a strong solid ballad - but isn't it a little mainstream? Her voice is very good too and you can enjoy the official video-clip here. It's nice but there is nothing memorable or different here. This blogger isn't saying it's bad or anything however I feel France has more to offer.... 6/12
  • Twin Twin - Moustache
I absolutely love this!! It's crazy yet fantastic. I would be so delighted if Twin Twin were chosen for Eurovision. The live performance wasn't great although they can improve on this... They would defiantly stick out if selected whether it be for good reasons or bad. The song is so entertaining and I could never grow tired of this - unlike Destan, and dare I say it, Joanna. 10/12

Please send Twin Twin! Or failing that, send Joanna. Although I don't think we'll be going to Paris in 2015.

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