Thursday, 13 March 2014

Copenhagen 2014: Three songs to be presented tomorrow!

San Marino, Georgia and Armenia will release their respective entries tomorrow - as the EBU's deadline is fast approaching. All broadcasters have until early next week to send their entries to the EBU. So, what's occurring tomorrow?

The Georgian entry will be released sometime tomorrow morning. I did hear somewhere that it's original release date was Wednesday 12th March.. oh well! I'm looking forward to hearing it. The Shin & Mariko will also release an official video-clip tomorrow, too. The entry is called "Three Minutes To Earth"/

Valentina Monetta will release her third Eurovision entry tomorrow evening. The song is entitled "Maybe" - and "Forse" in Italian. You can listen to snippets here on Amazon. I really hope Valentina will qualify this year. She totally deserves it and it'll be awesome to see San Marino in the grand finale! A special show will be used to premier her entry called Verso Copenhagen. It'll start at 21:10 CET and a webcast is available here.

Finally, the wait for Aram MP3's song is almost over! His entry will be premiered live tomorrow at 19:00 CET. But before all that, we still have "Unser Song für Dänemark" tonight! :-)

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