Thursday, 13 March 2014

Germany: Elaiza are the winners!

Elaiza has won the right to represent Germany! Brilliant! The song they'll take to Copenhagen is entitled "Is It Right". Such a sweet song. They came from the wildcard round and were practically unknown in Germany before the contest. Unheilig were runners-up. Their second song was fantastic, and was without a doubt the best song of the night. The audience were definitely behind Elaiza more though as she always received a massive applause.

I would have preferred Unheilig but I'm just happy the Germans didn't opt for Santiano. Ewww. Emma performed her Eurovision entry and I wasn't too impressed. The performance looked kinda messy and her voice was all over the place. She needs to work hard before Copenhagen otherwise the Italians could receive a very disappointing result come May. Meanwhile, Santiano and MarieMarie also made the top four. I think Germany have chosen a really catchy and fresh song. It's a shame Unheilig didn't win but hey ho. Enjoy.

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