Tuesday 17 June 2014

Wishlist #7: Giorgia!

I was absolutely thrilled When Emma Marrone was selected to represent Italy in Copenhagen as I featured her in my Wishlist series back in July 2013. I'm now going to look at another amazing Italian artist and pray RAI choose her for Eurovision next year ! 

Giorgia (Giorgia Todrani) is one of Italy's most iconic and well-respected singers, as she's had countless domestic hits and a massive fanbase. She has released a number of albums - most recently Senza Paura which was certificated platinum. My favourite songs from her include Dove SeiQuando una stella muoreE' L'Amore Che Conta and Tu Mi Porti Su. Meanwhile, Giorgia's repertory includes duets with artists such as Eros RamazzottiOlly MursAlicia KeysRonan Keating and Andrea Bocelli! The 43 year old would be perfect for Eurovision. Her live vocal abilities are fantastic. Giorgia is world class! Emma's result was disappointing, there's no doubt about it, so RAI need to up their game and send Giorgia! Pregherò! Enjoy her latest single below...

1 comment:

  1. Agreed Jack - Giorgia is a treasure. I really do hope we see her in next year's Eurovision. Fingers crossed ;)


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