Thursday, 19 June 2014

NuVidz: Softengine, Samira Said, Tanja, Nicole Scherzinger!

Yellow House is Softengine's latest single. A fantastic song - it's very similar to their Eurovision entry, which is noticeably Finland's best placing since 2006. This song could become a massive hit. Morocco have only entered Eurovision once, and that was in 1980 with Samira Said. She came 2nd to last, but this never affected her career. Samira has become a leading recording star of the Arab world. Her most recent song is Elly Benna. Despite being dubbed the dark horse of the competition, Tanja only managed to achieve 12th position in the semi-final. She released an acoustic and this blogger adores it. Amazing! Finally, we have a new song from the lovely Nicole Scherzinger! Your Love is slightly different from her usual style but very enjoyable nevertheless. It was filmed in Malibu!

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