Saturday, 1 March 2014

Romania: Paula and Ovi to Copenhagen!

No surprises here! Paula and Ovi have just won the Romanian selection and therefore will represent Romania! A very nice song - although their 2010 entry was much stronger. Vaida, who had a very boring song, won the televote although the jury awarded Paula and Ovi their full points.

Renee's vocals were very weak indeed, which is a shame as I adored the song. Hey ho!

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  1. Apparently the most professional presentation won. I loved 'Playing with fire'. This is not so good, but I guess in such a weak year, it does not really matter. I preferred 'Hearts Collide', but not sure the singer was strong enough live even with a better presentation than in the Romanian final.
    Renee Santana is an average singer with a famous name. She does not impress me...
    Regarding Vaida this year and Robert Turcescu last year: the juries, who select this sort of famous people (reporters on known TV shows) with no talent at all, are at fault. In this way they mess with the final results. Although Paula & Ovi were not my favorites this year, I was quite relieved when they won after Vaida had won the televote.


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