Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ireland: Can-Linn feat Kasey Smith to Copenhagen!

Can-Linn feat Kasey Smith won the Irish national final last night... This is the best choice Ireland could've made! A fantastic song with ethnic elements. I love it! Can-Linn came on top of both the public vote and national jury. Which is fantastic :-)
  1. Can-linn feat. Kasey Smith - Heartbeat (124 points)
  2. Eoghan Quigg - The Movie Song (102 points)
  3. Laura O’Neill - You Don’t Remember Me (84 points)
  4. Patricia Roe - Don’t Hold On (66 points)
  5. Andrew Mann - Be Mine (44 points)
Apparently the show was not without it's drama - as Linda Martin and Louis Walsh were personally attakced due to their opinions. I've had a quick look at the performances and Kasey's vocals were really good - much better than last year. I'm sure this will come across better on a bigger stage. Eoghan came 2nd - I thought he would win to be honest as he does have lots of fans, but lots of haters too... ENJOY!

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  1. I guess if you've never heard an Irish song, this is great, but I'm kinda bored...I actually liked Ryan Dolan last year until they decided to make it super Irish with those dancers that did not fit the song in my opinion...


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