Saturday, 1 March 2014

Romania: Representative to be chosen tonight!

The Romanian national final will take place tonight, live from Brasov, and twelve acts will participate. The clear favourites are obviously Paula and Ovi - and I wouldn't mind them winning. Although I would like to see Renee Santana feat. Mike Diamondz win. They're great!

I'd also be satisfied with Ştefan Stan feat TeddyK! Ştefan won the Romanian version of The Voice, so I'm sure he has a lot of supporters. Anca's song also seems very popular although I don't get the fuss.. it's nice but pretty dull. I'll update y'all with the results and my opinions later, so stay tuned! These next couple of weeks will be very busy so I thank you all for following my blog.
  1. Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle
  2. Bere Gratis – Despre Mine Si Ea
  3. The dAdA – Unpredictable
  4. The Zuralia Orchestra – You Know
  5. Vizi Imre – Kind of Girl
  6. Anca Florescu – Hearts Collide
  7. Silvia Dumitrescu – Fiorul Iubirii
  8. Renee Santana feat. Mike Diamondz – Letting Go
  9. Ştefan Stan feat Teddy K – Breathe
  10. Naomy – Daca Tu Iubesti
  11. Vaida – One More Time
  12. Şăl – Hardjock

Good luck Romania!

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