Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Ukraine!

As there is hardly any Eurovision related news at the moment, I've decided to launch a new series. I will be looking into every national selection and selecting a song I think would have been a better representative. Or in some cases, the right act was chosen but I'll look into each national final anyway.

The Ukrainians were the first to select their entry for Copenhagen this year. Their national final took place on 21st December and 20 acts participated! There was some controversy after Mariya Yaremchuk won. Complaints were subsequently launched by Viktoria Petryk and the duo neAngely. Ukraine achieved 6th in Copenhagen, which is great - but would any of the other acts have done better? I don't think so... but there were a couple of songs I preferred.

Victoria Petryk - Love is Lord
Victoria Petryk came 2nd with Love is Lord. Her performance was very strong but I feel the song itself didn't do her justice. It was a nice song, very pleasant indeed, but nothing special or different. I would love to see her represent Ukraine in the near future though with a much stronger song.

ULI RUD - Flower
Many people won't agree with me here, but I really had a soft spot for Flower. The performance was pretty weird, but I really like the song. However, the rest of Ukraine disagreed with me as they place her last - she only received 76 televotes.

neAngely - Courageous
Ahhh! I absolutely love neAngely! Courageous was brilliant. The female duo were the big favourites to win before the selection. They came joint 5th. neAngely have very deep and unique voices. Their song was composed by Alexander Bard, Andreas Öhrn, Christian Wahlberg, Per Ljungqvist and Henrik Wikström.

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