Friday, 11 July 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Hungary!

"A Dal" returned as Hungary's selection, where the standard of songs were very high indeed. The best song did win - but here are a couple of other songs that would've made a decent Hungarian entry.

Bogi - We All
This blogger didn't really appreciate We All until after the Hungarian final. It's a little repetitive but insanely catchy. I liked the performance itself, too. Her vocals were good. She came 2nd in the jury vote - the actual televote results weren't revealed. I don't think the juries would've liked appreciated this although it would have made the final with ease.

Polyák Lilla - Karcolás
Karcolás was my favourite song in the Hungarian selection! Oh, I loved this! She was eliminated in the semi-final so didn't even make the national final itself. A travesty! Fantastic vocals, amazing song and the Hungarian language is beautiful. Why didn't Hungary send this?

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