Tuesday, 30 September 2014

NuVidz: Serebro, Samanta Tina, Raign, Tamta ft. Xenia Ghali

Serebro has released НЕ НАДО БОЛЬНЕЕ. This electronic number is fabulous!! One of their best songs for sure. The group represented mother Russia back in 2007 and achieved 3rd place. Samanta Tina's latest track is Skatuve. This blogger really hopes to see her represent Latvia in Vienna... Will it happen? Anyone watching The X Factor this year will know Raign. She's easily the most controversial singer in this series, or was until Simon Cowell eliminated her last weekend. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini might find her annoying but Don't Let Me Go entered the alternative singles chart at 38. This proves people like her and her songs. She's tipped to be the wildcard and if so, she'll grace our screens again when the live shows start. I adore Raign - she's unique and has a great voice. ##RaignForWildCard!! Finally, Georgian singer Tamta has teamed up with Xenia Ghali and released Gennithika Gia Sena. She's tipped to be the Georgian representative in Eurovision next year.. A good choice if true!

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