Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Review 2015: Malta's national selection PART 2!

My review of the Maltese selection continues. Enjoy:

Deborah C - It's Ok
It's Ok is the cutest song ever! Oh I just adore it. Deborah C has been trying to represent Malta for a couple of years now and I think this is her strongest effort. I'd love to see her fly the Maltese flag. One of my favourites for sure. The lyrics are sweet and she looks adorable. 10/12

Lawrence Gray - The One that You love
Woah. This was a pleasant surprise. The One that You love is a delightful calm ballad, and the piano instrumental is beautiful. However I fear this song is too slow and thus I can't see him winning. I hope Lawrence Gray does well, though. It's a stunning song.. A great effort indeed! 8/12

Lyndsay - Home
Lyndsay song isn't the strongest but it's kinda cute. It's recently been revealed she will open the Maltese semi final on 21st November. She looks gorgeous and I wish her the best of luck. Hopefully Lyndsay's performance will be strong. Do you like Home6/12

Franklin - Still Here
Alexander Rybak composed Still Here. This blogger is very disappointed. Franklin's a fantastic singer and Alexander Rybak is naturally a very talented composer, but I feel so bored when listening to this song... Maybe he can win but it's unlikely with this. It is just isn't strong enough. Sorry! 4/12

Trilogy - Chasing A Dream 
Chasing A Dream is a dramatic ballad - performed by three great singers. This isn't my favourite in the selection but it's a good effort. Maybe they could do well on the night? However I don't think it will win. Not bad. 5/12

Stay tuned for part three! 

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