Thursday, 6 November 2014

Review 2015: Malta's national selection PART 3!

Jessika - Fandango
Jessika returns to Malta's selection for the third year in a row. Fandango is a fantastic song! I really love it! Jessika's voice is always great and this blogger cannot wait to see her perform this live. A finalist for sure and maybe even a winner? I just hope the jury get behind her because they ranked her 2nd to last with  Hypnotica. Good luck Jessika! 10/12

IONA - Could have been me
After listening to all 20 songs, Could have been me was the song I kept singing to myself the most. This must be a good sign, right? IONA's debut entry is pleasant one but not a winner. She has a very different sound from the other hopefuls... 7/12

Daniel Testa - Something In the Way
I'm sorry, but Something In the Way is not very good at all. The verses sound okay but the chorus is so boring and repetitive. He will make the final and I think he'll do pretty well but it's not a winner.. Daniel's entry last year wasn't a song I particularly liked but it was defiantly much stronger. I think he will represent Malta one day but it won't be next year. 3/12

Corazon - Secretly 
Corazon is aiming to represent Malta with Secretly. A beautiful entry and she could actually be a dark horse.. The jury will no doubt love Corazon! Very nice effort here! 7/12

Domenique - Take Me as I am
Take Me as I am is a strong ballad. Domenique sounds great and looks great. I hope to see an awesome performance from her! I've read some comments on YouTube where the song has been compared to Drip Drop - Azerbaijan's 2010 entry. But whatever, I think it's very nice! :-) 6/12

Stay tuned for my final part!! 

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