Sunday, 28 December 2014

Lithuania: 12 acts selected for Eurovizijos!

Lithuania's selection is almost underway and the twelve competing participating acts were presented last week.. You may recognise some names here as Mia, Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila all took part in the Lithuanian marathon last year and Mia even came 2nd. Here's the full line-up:
  • Liepa Mondeikaité
  • Neringa Šiaudikytė
  • Edgaras Lubys (Amberlife)
  • Mia
  • Vaidas Baumila
  • Monika Linkyté
  • Reda Striškaitė
  • Milita Daikeryté
  • Jurgis Bruzga
  • Wilma La
  • Tadas Juodsnukis
  • Rollikai
                      "Eurovizijos" dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka will kick off on 3rd January where the acts will sing cover songs. I see Laurita didn't make it.....

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