Saturday 31 January 2015

Switzerland: National final to be held tonight!

There may be four different shows taking place tonight across Europe however this bloggers main focus will be the Swiss national final. Six participants are aiming to represent Switzerland and they are:
  • Andy McSean – Hey now
  • Timebelle – Singing about love
  • Tiziana – Only human 
  • Licia Chery – Fly 
  • Mélanie René – Time to shine 
  • Deborah Bough – Take me back to 23 
My prediction is that Timebelle will win but realistically, it's anyone's game. I'm loving Licia Chery's song though now - maybe the Swiss will opt for her? Fly has a great upbeat vibe.. Or maybe The Voice of Switzerland winner Tiziana will make a big impression on the night? Or will the fan favourites Timebelle be victorious? Or one of the underdogs? This is the reaon why I'm loving this Swiss selection this year. It really is still anyone's game :-)

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