Wednesday, 4 March 2015

UK: Guy Freeman says "Our song is a contrast to last year!"

Guy Freeman dropped some hints about the British entry yesterday. He said:
I think we learnt a lot last year and have tried to apply some of those lessons. All I will say is that it is probably quite a contrast to last year – read into that what you will – and the reason that we picked this song is because of all the ones we looked at, it’s the one that a) had the most instant interesting factor about it and b) when we listened to loads of others, it stuck in the mind.
The rumours have been full on today. Firstly, British Press reported that X Factor winner Alexandra Burke might have been selected. However she declined this... then beatboxer Grace Savage tweeted "Eurovision here I come" - however then tweeted this:

Photo credits - Schlager Katja  

Other names I've heard being mentioned include Rebecca Ferguson, Tyler Names, Bo Bruce, Owen McGarry and George Ezra. The UK's entry will be revealed at 22:30 CET on the BBC's Red Button Service - or on for international viewers.

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