Monday, 27 April 2015


Elnur Hüseynov is returning to Eurovision, after achieving 8th place in Belgrade with Samir. He won The Voice of Turkey last year so we know he'll be able to cut it live. Azerbaijan are considered on of the favourties to win. Baku 2016?

Ana: This song is AMAZING. It always gives me goosebumps and since I first listened to it I knew that this will be fighting for victory. I love the way it slowly builds in intensity and the sound of the orchestra. This is the best produced song and if to this we add Elnur’s voice, we have a winning combination. 10/10

Ilkar: Elnur is a great singer. The video and the song fit perfectly. I can totally relate to that hour of the wolf. I've been there. Unable to sleep, afraid to fall in sleep with fears and doubts. Waiting for the dawn. The song has a great melody, very interesting arrangement lines with the symphonic part but underneath a very tender rhythm going along with it. If only they manage to create this atmosphere on stage we might have a top contender here.... 10/10

Jack: Oh, isn't this gorgeous?! Elnur's effort in 2008 was weird and not in a good way.. but he's back with a beautiful sophisticated ballad. Fabulous! Following Azerbaijan's disappointing result last year, they will no doubt return to the top ten. And if staged correctly, Baku 2016 is very possible. The lyrics are also superb. 9/10

Jess: Elnur has such a brilliant voice, and the song is just wow! I can see this placing really well 9/10

John: Not a bad song - but not a remarkable one either - the entry from Azerbaijan will, if previous form is any guide, no doubt be a finalist and more than likely a Top 10 finisher. Good voice, pleasant tune but overall, for me, nothing special.  6/10


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