Friday, 3 April 2015


Loïc Nottet was internally selected to represent Belgium back in November. His song is proving to be rather popular but will it be enough to see him qualify in such a tough semi?

Ana: The more I listen to this song, the more I like it. This is different and unique and Loic’s voice is amazing. We are not used to this kind of songs at Eurovision, and I don’t know if this is a bad or a good thing. Anyway, I consider him a real threat for the rest of the contestants. 8/10

Ilkar: Now this is something else. Hopefully he also delivers vocally live. I guess the whole arena will go Ra Pa Pa with him and the rest is history. At least for a good placing? The video is very original, too, but gives us no glues how they will stage this? This is one of those songs that can go horribly wrong or then just triumph on stage. I hope for the latter. 8/10

Jack: When Loïc was chosen to fly the Belgian flag, I really hoped his song would fulfill my expectations and he did. Rhythm Inside is fantastic. Very Lorde. Belgium's entry is very different from all other songs this year.. and in a good way. I think. Will be interesting to see how the staging will work in Vienna and could be one to watch. Maybe. 9/10

Jess: This is such a catchy song, And Loic has such a lovely voice! 6/10

John: Belgium never fails to dare to break new ground. This year's song is no exception. But like many a novel approach in the past (I am thinking Belgium '83) will it be adequately rewarded? If there is a dark horse in ESC 2015, this is surely it. 8/10


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