Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The Macedonians were first to select their song for Vienna - back in early November - and following a major revamp and translation, we have Autumn Leaves. Is Daniel Kajmakoski's entry good enough to qualify? Should they have stuck to the original version? So many questions!! Here's our thoughts.....

Ana: I know that this is quite an unpopular opinion but I like this song. It hasn't anything very special but the truth is that I don’t get tired of it. Maybe it's because it's a very normal, natural and non-prefabricated song. Anyway, I don't know if we’ll see Daniel in the final. 7/10

Ilkar: Oh what have you done. I liked this with the original arrangement and in Macedonian so much better! This feels like a washed down, slowed down, standardized version of it. Maybe they tried to ”modernize” it. For me it is making it boring. He has got a great voice and the melody is nice though. Original would have gotten 8.5 this one gets only 6.5/10

Jack: Totally loving this one. The original version was just okay for me, nothing to write home about so to speak, but the new version has something. It's really good but not amazing... Hopefully Daniel will qualify however semi final one will be incredibly tough.. It can go either way but I see another non qualification for Macedonia. 8.5/10

Jess: Daniel's voice is incredible, and the song is quite nice. 6/10

John: Now here's one I am really loving at the minute. Macedonia has never had a high profile at ESC but this year could change all of that with this excellent entry by Daniel Kajmakoski . Great song, with a sort of quality, I can see how it would make a big impression on a big stage. 8/10


The original version:

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