Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Elina and Stig won Estonia's national selection with an overwhelming 79% of the vote and Estonia are among the favourites to take the title in Vienna. But is their song good enough to go all the way?

Ana: This is considered one of the best entries and I can understand it since the song is modern and fresh and the lyrics are really good. Probably, they haven’t the best voices of this year Eurovision but it won’t be a problem for them because they have a good song, a good staging and above all, lots of fans. 8/10

Ilkar: I love the retro 60's arrangement, the deep lazy way of Stig's singing in contrast to Elina's more crispy voice. They are telling a story and the song is like a little melancholic play. Loved it since the first time I heard it. It also sticks out from the other countless duets this year. 10/10

Jack: After failing to qualify last year, Estonia are back with a little cracker! Goodbye To Yesterday is one of my favourites and I really think they will do well in Vienna. A possible winner if they perform it well. Tallinn 2016 is more than possible... 10/10

Jess: This song is so brilliant and the way Elina & Stig perform is so magical. It is a big favourite of mine! 8/10

John: A strong melody is the saviour of this song. The live vocals sound at times flat - almost tuneless - but might well have improved by the time the big event comes round. This could be a dark horse. 7/10


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