Monday, 6 April 2015


Cypriot born and The Voice winner Maria-Eleni Kyriakou is representing Greece this year. Many reckon her song could put an end to Greece's 100% qualification record but what do we think?

Ana: Although she has an amazing voice, this is just one more beautiful woman singing one more ballad. Probably this won’t be enough to stand out. We hear this in Eurovision every year and it’s so classic and typical that it bores me. Anyway, if I’m objective I have to say that it isn't a bad song. 5/10

Ilkar: There are songs that you listen for three minutes and they are well sung, pretty and ok. Yet they move nothing in you, no emotion whatsover. They feel artificial and unoriginal. Not good nor bad. That leave you totally indifferent. A bit like eating at McDonalds. You fill your stomach for a moment but after awhile you don't even remember what you ate and was it good or bad. This song is like that. Where's the moussaka and tzatziki? 2.5/10

Jack: Greece's entry isn't among the favourites this year and I don't know why. Maria's vocals are incredible and it's a great song. Not amazing, but strong and the juries should love her. Like John says below, Greece are underrated this year... and I think that's a shame. I'm sure we'll see Greece in the final once again but then, who knows? A decent, honest effort and it would be a shame if she failed to qualify. 8/10

Jess: Maria has such a lovely voice and the song is so beautiful. Great job Greece! 7/10

John: Surprised by the underwhelming reaction to this year's Greek entry, I have liked and respected this song since first hearing it. Maria Elena has charm, presence, an emotive voice, a good song and just about every other ingredient that goes into making a winner. Somehow, I don't expect she will win but I would not be at all unhappy if she did! 8/10

OUR VERDICT - 30.5/50

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