Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Måns Zelmerlöw seems to be the #1 favourtie to win Eurovision - but isn't this always the case with Sweden? Will the Swedish entry win? Here's what we think about Heroes....

Ana: Whichever way you look at it, this is perfect. I love the song, and the staging with those little and cute snowmen is just amazing. I remember when I first watched the performance and I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. Definitely, he’d be a well-deserved winner, so I have to give him a 10/10

Ilkar: Sweden has been accused of double plagiation; not only the song but the staging, too. Indeed, there are similarities or as they say ”inspiration sought from”. Anyways, the stage act is great but as it seems they can't have it in Vienna so who knows how effective the song is without that, as it is not the greatest of songs. Måns is a very good singer and performer but something is missing in this act to make it a real winner. Also, they have to fix the backing vocals. But Swedes know their tricks, I'm sure they come up with something equally awesome looking and do very well again. 8.5/10

Jack: As always, Sweden are the favourties to win, It seems they're going to do it though this year - if the polls and bookies are to be believed. Him winning wouldn't be a disappointment either because the whole package is fantastic. Awesome song, unique staging (or at least in Melfest...), Mans is amazing and it's Sweden! Even though I love Sweden's representation, it's not my ultimate favourte but would be happy to see him win. 9.5/10

Jess: If the song Heroes wasn't already perfect enough, the staging Mans had during Melodifestivalen really added to it! This is certainly one of my favourites this years! 10/10

John: The love/hate relationship continues with Sweden! This is a very very ordinary song. No new ground being broken here with a tune (of sorts) and a voice that has been heard so many times before it just becomes one big yawnfest. 4/10


Let's not forget THIS...

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