Sunday, 3 May 2015


Monika Kuszyńska is hoping to give Poland its first ever Eurovision win. She sings a very emotional song with a beautiful message.. Check out our reviews below.

Ana: This is a more than correct ballad, sung by a more than correct girl. The problem is that correct entries are not enough at Eurovision. It has nothing special, it stays at the same level from the beginning until the end and it’s not memorable at all. This song leaves me absolutely cold. 5/10

Ilkar: This is beautiful, love the piano. She sings well and it sounds like a some world hit from the 80's (in a good way). (This sounds even better in Polish giving it a more authentic touch but unfortunately we won't hear that in Vienna). This sounds like a real song that was born by playing with piano and letting the music come out, instead of sitting down and ”let's write an Eurovision entry now” method. The video is touching when knowing her story. 8/10

Jack: Monika Kuszyńska was left paralyzed after a car accident in 2006 but this never stopped her pursing her dream. Music. It's not the best song in the competition, but I always feel a tad emotional when I hear In The Name Of Love. It has depth. The official video-clip shows Monika before the accident performing and it's very beautiful. For me, Poland has the best message this year. Life may be tough but if you want something so bad, then you can and will achieve it. Monika proves this by representing Poland with this stunning ballad. Fantastic! 8/10

Jess: Monika has a lovely voice and the song is pretty amazing. I think it suits Monika's voice perfectly! 8/10

John: Leaving aside the fact that the last 30 seconds or so is quite repetitive, Poland's offering this year is a very good ballad "In The Name Of Love". Strong on melody, orchestration and vocal delivery, I reckon the Poles are a safe bet for qualification almost as safe a bet for a top 15 finish. Good luck Monika. 7/10


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