Saturday, 2 May 2015


Maraaya are among the favourites to win the contest and it would give Slovenia their first ever win. Ljubljana 2016? Here's what we think....

Ana: I’m not feeling this song as much as most people do. I can’t say that it’s bad, but for me it’s just pleasant and correct. Maybe it still has to grow on me. Anyway, it’s nice to listen to something different since this isn't a typical Eurovision song and I love her voice. 6/10

Ilkar: What to say? This is awesome. I love everything about this: her voice, the arrangement, the air violinist, her trademark headphones... Slovenia is going for their best result ever in Eurovision. This differs from all the rest, it's catchy and memorable in a good way. They've got all the right cards, don't mess them up with some over the top staging, please..... 9/10

Jack: Can Slovenia finally do it? I would love to see Slovenia win and Maraaya would be worthy winners indeed. The lead singers voice is unique and can be compared to the likes of Duffy. The violin rocks, the headphones are fabulous and it's so damn catchy. Wherever Slovenia place, it's an entry they can be proud of. 10/10

Jess: Well, all I can say is that Here For You is so so catchy and it's a song I can't help but get up and dance along to! 8/10

John: It says something for a song when you find yourself humming the tune to it after listening just once. That's what I've been doing with this year's Slovenian entry. They have sent some fab entries in the recent past but this is the cream of the crop. I would dearly love to see another Balkan victory this year. Could it happen ? It's a very real possibility. 9/10


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