Sunday, 10 May 2015


Edurne will be hoping to bring Spain its first victory since 1969. Is it possible? Here's what we think..

Ana: I love the strength of this song, the ethical elements, the instrumental parts and the “IeIeeo” of the chorus. It sounds like a battle cry. I think that with a very visual and powerful staging Edurne could easily reach a good position. 9/10

Ilkar: What to say? The lack of originality is outstanding in this one. It's like a leftover from Loreen's debut album, the video is like a kitchy nightmare. The only thing that saves this it's in Spanish. I'm terrified even to think what their staging in Vienna will be.... 3.5/10

Jack: Spain is my favourite country in Eurovision. I've loved almost all of their entries and this year is no exception. I can't wait to see it live - we already know Giuseppe Di Bella will dance topless..Why ay ay ay did TVE have to shop abroad for the song though? That's my only problemo here. Surely Spain has enough decent songwriters. I don't know... anyway, I do adore Edurne and hope she will achieve top ten. One of my favourites. Buena surte! :-) 9/10

Jess: Edurne has a brilliant voice, and Amanecer really helps to show that! I believe this could be one to watch on the night! 9/10

John: This song has really grown on me with repeated listening. Ranking up there with the likes of Quedate Conmigo, I expect that this very strong entry from Spain will figure high up in the final mix at this years contest. 8/10

OUR VERDICT - 38.5/50

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  1. First of all, the song (music and lyrics) is composed by Spanish songwriter Tony Sanchez-Ohlsson, TVE haven't "bought" a song from nowhere. I don't see where is the problem with working together with Swedish composers... that's a stupid argument.
    And it doesn't lack of originality, it's a very special and original song, a type of song never seen before in Eurovision nor in any Loreen's album, so another stupid opinion.
    If this song was representing Sweden it will win, but as it's Spain, everybody underrates it.


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