Thursday, 30 July 2015

Turkey: Aynur Aydın - "I want to represent my country!"

Turkey's participation in Stockholm seems more than likely and fans are already speculating who will represent the country. Aynur Aydın's name is mentioned frequently however this year it seems she could finally perform on the Eurovision stage, Speaking on TRT's radio show, Aynur said:
I do not bring up the issue personally. I mean I do not tell them (TRT) to choose me but Eurovision fans. I definitely would like to represent my country, I had dreams about it, I thought about a good Eurovision entry, I have some serious projects. But we need to start participating in the Contest before all. Many people in and out of the country want me to participate, which motivates me so well, I want to represent my country.
Do you think she would be a good choice for Turkey? I certainly do. Enjoy some of her music below:

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