Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Armenia: Gor Sujyan will fly the Armenian flag!

I am so happy! The Armenian broadcaster has confirmed that they will send Gor Sujyan to Sweden!

AMPTV will hold a national final on 2nd March which will select the Armenian song, like they did with Emmy in 2011! Gor Sujyan is the lead singer of "The Dorians" - they was highly speculated to represent the country in Baku, before AMPTV pulled out. Isn't this shaping out to be an awesome year? He has a beautiful voice and with the right song... Could he win Eurovision for the Armenians? He can offer so much to the contest and I'm expecting something amazing! For me, his is on par with Anouk and El Sueno de Morfeo!

Enjoy one of his songs... <3 Great choice Armenia!

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