Monday, 11 February 2013

Croatia: "Klapa Ensemble" announced as the Croatian representatives!

This year Croatia is going traditional and sending Klapa! "Klapa Ensemble" or "Super Klapa" will have the honour - apparently they are undecided on the name but will decide very soon!

Mižerja has previously been announced as the song title some weeks ago! The group has been put together especially for Eurovision and it will consist of 6 men, traditional Klapa normally consists of 8 performers but the EBU rules state that only a maximum of 6 performers can be on stage. This is why many groups turned the offer down, apparently! The members of this new group are...
  • Marko Škugor, 
  • Ante Galić, 
  • Nikša Antica,
  • Leon Bataljaku, 
  • Ivica Vlaić 
  • Bojan Kavedžija
A snippet was released on the Croatian news - the full version will be released in the coming days...

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