Monday, 4 February 2013

Spain: National final 26th February, songs out tomorrow!

El Sueño de Morfeo will perform 3 songs on 24th February in Barcelona! They will be released tomorrow - ESDM will select two songs they want to participate with and the other one will be chosen by voters online, like Pastora Soler from last year...

All of these songs are going to be very different from previous Spanish entries - they are all going to have a Celtic feel with a positive message. I can't wait to hear the songs.. Some information has been released concerning the possible Spanish entries:

  1. An up-tempo song, quite different from their style, with many electronic sounds.
  2. An “epic” song with a rock ending
  3. A 100% ESDM-style song (up-tempo Celtic rock, guitars)
  4. Another 100% ESDM-style song with a very catchy refrain!

Sounds promising... ^^

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