Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Interview 2013: Alyona Lanskaya!

My friend, Bradley Hill, has been speaking to the Belorussian representative! Once again, his page is here! Thank you for letting me us this great interview! Why did she decide to sing Soloyah instead of Rhythm Of Love? Does she think she can win the contest? Look below! ^^

Bradley - Hi I'm Bradley nice to meet you. Can you introduce yourselves to people across Europe?

Alyona - Hello, everyone! My name is Alyona Lanskaya and I’m representing Belarus at Eurovision 2013.

B - How do use it feel that you are representing Belarus at Eurovision ?.

A - It is very unusual feeling: big responsibility on the one hand and huge interest and absorbingly on the other. I will do all my best to present Belarus as a country, which is worthy to be a part of this famous competition.

B - What made you to get involved with Eurovision ?.

A - I have been dreaming about it since childhood! I think that when you have an opportunity to make your dreams come true – this is the best motivation.

B - Tell us a little bit about your song ?.

A - My song calls “Solayoh”. It was created by two very talented persons: a compositor Marc Paelinck and a lyric-writer Martin King. By our idea, “Solayoh” is a fictional planet, where are only happy and optimistic people. On this planet reigns love and respect. I think, that “Solayoh” is a realization of the every persons dream. 

B - How come you change your song from Rhythm of Love to Solayoh ?

A - While discussing we decided, that the new song will be much interesting for Eurovision’s format.

B - Which song was your favourite Rhythm Of Love or Solayoh?

A - I like all my songs and I always put my heart into their execution. Both “Rhythm of love” and “ Solayoh” are very important for me, because they are the part of my personal history and help me to realize my dream.

B - Have you watched Eurovision before if so what’s your all time favourite?

A - I have been watching Eurovision since 10 years. I always find something important and useful for me.

B - Have you had a chance to listen or watched the songs from your competitors in Malmo if so what's your favourites?

A - I don’t think that it is correct to speak about songs which I like or don’t like, because each of them is the “fruit” of hard working of many people: compositors, lyric-writers, singers and so on. And each of them is worthy to be presented at the Eurovision. 

B - Who do you think will be your closes challenger in Malmo?

A - I think that all songs are very impressive. To be honest, It’s very difficult to me to estimate, because I’m the interested individual. Let our public to decide.

B - Can you win Eurovision?

A - Why not?

B - And Finley would you like to send a message to the readers of my blog and rest of Europe?

A - Hey, all readers of the blog! Thanks a lot for your attention, love and support. It’s very important to me! I wish you to have “Solayoh” – the planet of love and respect, in your hearts and souls! See you soon in Malmo!

B - Thank You for tacking your time to answer these questions and good luck in Malmo!

Enjoy the Belorussian entry...

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