Thursday, 18 July 2013

Switzerland: National final due to be held on 1st February!

I'm back from my holidays - the Canary Islands are lovely this time of year! So what's been happening? Well it's been confirmed that Switzerland will select their entry on 1st February, through a national final. Their selection will be given a revamp!

The German language broadcaster, SRF, will call for entries between 30th September and 28th October - anyone can enter this! Online voting will begin after this and a professional jury will also have a say. The best 9 will advance in the selection. The Italian language broadcaster, RSI, will pick 3 entries internally and the French language broadcaster, RTS, will choose 6 entries internally.

So we have 18 entries which have advanced but only six will make the grand final. These artists will have to perform in front of a professional jury and the best six songs will make the final on 1st February. Who would I like to see? I'd love to see Carrousell - they should have been the Swiss representatives this year, in my opinion...

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