Friday, 25 October 2013

Copenhagen 2014: Official participants list to be released in January!

It's been announced that the official list of participants for 2014 be will known in early January. There's still time for Cyprus to change their mind then! :D

...and there's also time for Bosnia, Poland and Portugal to decide what they want to do. Meanwhile, what''s happening in Greece? Good question! The EBU is doing all the can to get them on-board for ESC 2014. However a Greek newspaper reports there's a 99% chance of withdrawal. Mainly due to the economic crisis and that NERIT, a new national broadcaster, won't be fully ready to apply for EBU membership hence unable to participate in Eurovision. This could go either way.

I also wonder what Slovenia will do - as they were close to withdrawing last year and they did come last in their semi. Hmmm... It's just a waiting game now to see what happens!

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