Saturday, 26 October 2013

Switzerland: Recap on what's been submitted - PART 2!

Let's look at what else has been submitted into Switzerland!
  • Patric Scott is no stranger to the Swiss selection, and this year he returns with Alive. A really modern track which could do really well with a good performance. I think this one will go far...
  • Another song I like is Another Day Alone - sung by the lovely Tanita. I don't think this will progress any further in the competition but I still like it very much.
  • Crystal Ball enter External Flame. I love it so much - I really hope it does well. Such an AMAZING song! <3
  • C'est fini is a funky French song - it's sung by Sand Lato. I've got a feeling this will make the national final and that wouldn't be a bad thing either.
  • Finally, I have to share this. Iris MonĂ©, Gisel de Marco and Ricardo Sanz aka 3 For All (they were finalists on The Voice Switzerland) have released Together Forever. This has a really cool summer vibe about it... My gusta! 
Part three will come within the next couple of days! ^^

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