Sunday, 16 March 2014

Belgium: Axel Hirsoux wins the Belgian selection!

The last national final of the 2014 has just ended with Axel Hirsoux winning the Belgian national final! He will therefore have the honour of representing Belgium in Copenhagen. His voice is incredible and the song is very powerful... It was clearly Ruslana's favourite!

An international jury also featured in the show, and Ruslana gave an amazing performance. She also made a statement regarding the current situation in Crimea. But back to the results, I'm very shocked and upset that Sil only came 5th. She deserved much better. Her song was beautiful... Shakespeare's Sister's Marcella Detroit cowrote Sil's song actually, which is another reason why I loved it. Udo came last - which is not a surprise at all... Alex is a very deserving winner anyway. The reaction has been mixed though as some people are saying the song was so beautiful that it made them cry, while others say it's cringey and old fashioned. Here are tonight's results:
  1. Axel Hirsoux - Mother / 234
  2. Bandits - One / 90
  3. Eva Jacobs - Nothing Is Impossible / 89
  4. Yass - Need You Tonight / 77
  5. Sil - What’s The Time In Tokyo? / 38
  6. Udo - Hero (In Flanders Fields) / 32
Anyway, this is the last national final of the 2014 season! Which sucks.. Here's the Belgian entry!

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