Friday, 6 June 2014

FYR Macedonia: MRT launches poll on 2015 participation!

FYR Macedonia has only qualified once since 2008. Therefore, the Macedonian broadcaster has decided to ask the public how they should choose their their 2015 representative - or whether they should just withdraw. The results make grim reading. These are the results (as of 20:30 CET on 6th June 2014):
  • Macedonia should not participate at Eurovision at all - 4163 VOTES: 
  • The entry should be the winning song from Skopje Fest - 2747 VOTES 
  • The entry should be chosen through an internal selection from MRT - 868 VOTES
Y'all can vote here. Everyone can vote in the poll (not just Macedonians), so please vote for either option one or option two. Let's keep FYR Macedonia in Eurovision. The Macedonians broadcaster, MRT, has stated they will take this poll into account when making their decision for next year. I hope they don't withdraw. Tijana Dapčević failed to qualify in Copenhagen - and came only 13th out of 15th. 

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