Monday, 21 January 2013

Armenia: National final 2nd March, due to high demand!

The Armenian broadcaster, AMPTV, has decided to hold a national final to select their 2013 entry! Even though it seemed the country was going internal, they have now decided to hold a televised selection where viewers can vote for their favourite!

This is because several artists are willing to represent Armenia, including Sirusho! The Head of Armenian Delegation, Gohar Gasparyan, told
 Earlier AMPTV announced an internal selection, but as we continue getting numerous letters and songs we decided to give an opportunity for as many singers/authors as possible to perform live and be selected by the viewers and professional jury ensuring healthy competition.
The final will be held 2nd March - same day as Hungary, Estonia and Moldova will select their song for Malmo! Sirusho was in talks with AMPTV, so I hope she will participate... ^^

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