Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Serbia: "Ljubav je svuda" to undergo several changes!

The Serbian entry will be re-vamped! This is good as the original is rather "empty" and "bland" (for me anyway) but with some work it could be a really strong Serbian representation. A wise decision for sure.

Moja 3's participation has divided opinion both in Serbia and across Europe after their win last weekend - some fans love it and others find it repulsive. You? Saša Milošević Mare, the composer of Ljubav je svuda, spoke to a Serbian newspaper after his song won Beosong...
Performance of Nevena, Mirna and Sara (Moje3) at ESC will be a lot different form what you have seen at Beosong. I m planning to do new arrangement for the song, and also costumes and choreography are going to be changed. The difference will be obvious as in the case of Molitva. We ll do a few remixes of the song and  an English version, although the girls will sing in Serbian!
I think with a good revamp this could be a serious contender in Malmo! Oh, and I'm pleased they are going to re-think the performance and it's good their stick to Serbian...

I like the one in red... ^_^

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