Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Introducing 2014: France!

I wanna have a moustache! France are represented by Twin Twin, after they won the French selection process. The French selection featured three songs. Destan's song was pretty weak - just another clean cut boyband. I did originally love Joanna's entry however after a few listens, it was rather boring and wasn't that strong. Joanna would have probably been bottom five in Copenhagen.. So after two rather pleasant but mainstream (and boring) songs, Moustache defiantly caught everyone's attention. Whether it be for the right or wrong reasons ;-)

Before the selection, Twin Twin were practically unknown - the trio consists of Lorent Idir, Fran├žois Djemel and Patrick Biyik. The song itself has caused controversy though... "Moustache" has been accused of plagiarism however I don't think there are many similarities. I personally like the French entry! It's wacky, unique and very catchy indeed. In Copenhagen, I predict France will finish near the bottom of the leaderboard although it deserves more. I really hope Twin Twin do well. Bonne chance, France!

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