Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Switzerland: Final line-up complete!

This blogger is a bit behind regarding the Swiss selection. Opps. Anyway, the Expect Check round took place on Sunday and six finalists were chosen to compete in the Swiss national final on 31st January. I will review the songs at some point - Deborah Bough and Mélanie René are my immediate favourites though. It's actually not a bad bunch of songs.

  • Andy McSean – Hey now (SRF/RTR)
  • Timebelle – Singing about love (SRF/RTR)
  • Tiziana – Only human (SRF/RTR)
  • Licia Chery – Fly (RTS)
  • Mélanie René – Time to shine (RTS)
  • Deborah Bough – Take me back to 23 (RSI)

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